Four Ways to Reduce Storm Runoff

Hail, fall leaves and debris block up sewer hole restricting runoff flow.Although we’re about to hit the dry season, there’s still one month of wet, rainy weather left to go, and it’s never too late to plan for next year. If you haven’t considered it before, then now’s a great time to look at what you can do to help reduce water pollution. Florida has a wonderful, diverse, unique geology and climate that sustains an abundance of wildlife and tropical plants. The downside is that it’s also highly susceptible to pollution, and even small traces..

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The Ultimate Guide to Florida Rain Gardens


March is a great time to start getting out into the yard, which is why we wanted to take some time to remind you that a rain garden is a great way to help the environment while saving some money. See: 4 Reasons to Start a Florida Rain Garden. We also wanted to give you a comprehensive resource which would guide you through the process of creating your rain garden. Rain gardens are a simple concept, but they’re ultimately somewhat tricky to execute. If you don’t..

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This Device Will Let You Use Rainwater for Everything

We’ve talked a lot about rainwater harvesting here on this blog. That’s why we wanted to call your attention to the fact that the Rain Safe Water Company has created a device which would allow any homeowner to derive 100% of their water use needs from rainwater harvesting. The device is called the Rain Safe, just like the company name. Unfortunately, you can’t just run up to the website to buy one yet. You’ll have to wait until they find some distributors here in the..

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