What You Should Know About Gutter Seams

GutterInstallationAs you know from previous posts, seamless aluminum gutters are only seamless across each uninterrupted length or section of a house. There is no getting around putting some seams into place, namely at the corners where two sections of gutter join up.

Since the goal of installing seamless aluminum gutters is to reduce or eliminate leaks, it is vital to work with a gutter company who approaches these few remaining seams with the utmost craftsmanship. Just as there are different kinds of gutters there are different sorts of seams, and only one type of seam gives you the best experience you can have with a set of gutters.

There are three types:

  • Box Miter Seams
  • Strip Miter Seams
  • Custom Hand-Mitered Seams

Of the three, custom hand mitered seams are the only ones worth using.

Box miters create three seams on your corners. This is bad, because, again, reducing the number of seams we’re dealing with is always the goal. Strip miter seams are a little better as they only create two seams, but the thin aluminum material used to create them is weak and tends to discolor.

Only custom hand mitered seams do the job of creating a single seam which uses the very same aluminum used on the rest of the gutter system. This is the only seam system for gutter installation professionals who take pride in their work, and it’s the only type we ever use.

Want to work with a gutter company who never cuts corners? Contact Rain Control Aluminum for a free estimate today.

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