Tips for Helping Your Holiday Lights Get Along With Your Gutters

Christmas lights

With the holidays rapidly approaching you may be gearing up to create an amazing display on your roof and gutters. While it’s perfectly safe to do so, there are still a few “best practices” you should use to make sure you do so safely. Always use clips. Clips allow you to hang your lights safely without nails, which are unsightly, and which will definitely damage your gutters. You can get all-in-one clips to hang your lights in multiple directions–up or out. These clips will also work on shingles, which opens you up to a host..

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It’s Official: the Zika Virus is Here

It’s official: the Zika Virus has come to Tampa. There are currently 636 cases statewide; cases which started right here in the Tampa metro area. It’s gotten so bad that Florida theme parks are handing out free mosquito repellent. Officials are now patrolling area neighborhoods in search of standing water. And of course, you know from past posts right here on our blog that dirty gutters are a big culprit when it comes to the creation of standing water. We get those torrential rainstorms, and the resulting water gets..

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Will a “Grey Hurricane” Strike Tampa in the Near Future?

Grey Hurricane

Here on the Rain Control Aluminum blog we’ve talked about hurricanes a great deal. So when The Weather Channel mentioned the possibility that a so-called “grey” hurricane could strike in the future the article immediately piqued our interest. What is a “Grey” Hurricane? It’s a funny term for a kind of super hurricane. It’s called a “grey” hurricane as a reference to the “grey swan” theory–the idea that the world can hold extreme outliers which deliver a massive impact. In other words, sooner or later there’s going to be a storm which is..

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