The Best Ways to Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning Gutters During The Summer

Remember when we discussed whether or not to try a gutter-cleaning robot? Well, we talked about the Looj and all of its pitfalls, and why we don’t recommend them when it’s time to clean your gutters. Today’s market has expanded considerably over the past four years, and now there are more robots available. None of them have impressed us too terribly. So what do we recommend for our clients? First and foremost, it’s important to clean out your gutters on a regular basis if you intend to do it yourself. The longer..

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The Ultimate Guide to Downspouts

White Downspout

Downspouts are an important part of the gutter system, but they often don’t receive as much attention as the gutters themselves. That’s why we thought we’d devote this blog post to giving you a sort of “downspout Bible” that you can use to make sure these vital water shedding systems are properly cared for. Where should downspouts be placed, and how many should there be? Many homes have just one downspout, but in reality there should often be more of them. You should have a downspout for every 20 feet of gutter. This allows the..

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Why Flo-Free Leaf Guards Are So Effective


We’ve been having a few conversations about gutter guards lately, so we thought we’d devote a post to helping you understand the benefits of Flo-Free nylon leaf guards. These are some of the best leaf guards in the industry because they help solve some of the biggest problems that leaf guards usually create. What are these problems? There are several of them: Leaf guards that allow small debris (like pine needles) to pass through the system and into the gutters, which means the gutters still have to be cleaned. When gutter guards continue to allow..

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