Pinellas County Extension Offers New Water Wise Workshop

If you’ve missed previous “Water Wise” workshops then you might want to register online to catch the latest one. It will be held on Saturday, November 8 from 9 am to 12 pm at the Pinellas County Extension office in Largo, FL. You may even want to register again if you’ve attended this workshop in the past, since topics do rotate from month to month. This time the extension office will be covering Rainwater Harvesting as well as a few other important topics. The workshop is totally free. This is a great place..

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Types of Rainwater Shut-off Device

rainwater shut off

In the past, we’ve talkd about pairing a rainwater shut-off device with your sprinkler system in order to conserve water. Today, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the different types of devices you might choose from. Rain gauge systems – A rain gauge system collects water in a small cup. When the cup fills up, the weight of the water in the cup trips a switch. Once the switch is tripped your sprinkler system gets shut down. The system is a little bit primative.

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This Device Will Let You Use Rainwater for Everything

Water Drops

We’ve talked a lot about rainwater harvesting here on this blog. That’s why we wanted to call your attention to the fact that the Rain Safe Water Company has created a device which would allow any homeowner to derive 100% of their water use needs from rainwater harvesting. The device is called the Rain Safe, just like the company name. Unfortunately, you can’t just run up to the website to buy one yet. You’ll have to wait until they find some distributors here in the..

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