Save More Water With Residential Rainflow Shut-Off Devices


Some of our readers still use traditional sprinklers. Hey, we don’t judge! But we did want to point out that there’s a smart, easy way to conserve water even if you aren’t sold on micro-irrigation, rain gardens, or rain water collection. After all, you already know that you don’t really need to keep your sprinklers going when it rains. But if they’re on a timer, it’s very easy to get busy and to forget..

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7 Gutter Mistakes That Will Really Mess Up Your Home


As gutter contractors in the Tampa metro area, we see lots and lots of the same mistakes over and over again. Sometimes these mistakes can be really tragic, because people make them and let them go until they really start damaging the home. In central Florida there’s just no room for making these mistakes. Not in an area that gets torrential rains. Let’s look at each one in turn so that you don’t have to deal with costly water damage later. 1. Deciding the house just doesn’t need gutters. There are definitely some homes that..

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4 Reasons to Start a Florida Rain Garden

Florida Rain Garden

Last week we talked about reasons why you should consider rain water harvesting. This week we’re going to talk about reasons why you might want to start a rain garden, which is the rainwater harvesting alternative for people who do not want to deal with rain barrels. 1. Rain gardens help recharge ground water Here in Central Florida we have a real groundwater problem. It’s ironic, because we get so much rain, and because we are in a state that is surrounded by water. In spite of..

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