Four Natural Herbs Which Repel Mosquitos


Summer is the season for mosquitoes, and here in Florida, they can get to be a real nuisance. Warm weather with a lot of rain is guaranteed to get their populations exploding. Not only are they bothersome, but they can be carriers for disease. Ever heard of malaria? They’re carriers for the protozoans that cause it, and to this day, they remain a public health concern for the Florida Department of Health. Admittedly, advances in health care and medicine have greatly reduced the number of fatalities due to malaria, but prevention is still the best..

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Organic Alternatives to Fertilizers and Pesticides

Florida Friendly Landscaping

We’ve talked about Florida friendly landscaping a lot here on the Rain Control Aluminum blog. This form of landscaping helps to protect the natural beauty of our Central Florida homes. One of the principles of Florida-friendly landscaping is avoiding synthetic chemicals as much as possible, whether those chemicals are acting as fertilizers or pesticides. These chemicals tend to strip the nutrition from the soil because they only replace nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous while ignoring all of the other minerals that are required to keep soil healthy. Chemical fertilizers can also poison the ground water..

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We’ll Put Seamless Gutters on Anything You Want Us To!


What’s the weirdest thing we’ve ever put a gutter on? As it happens, it’s this turtle hut, below. What is a turtle hut? Well, in this case it is home to a gopher turtle which lives in the home owner’s back yard. The owners went ahead and put up a fence and a roof over the entry hole. They offer food and water and treat it like a household pet. We had hoped to get a photo of the turtle as well, but after a day of listening to us mess around with his roof..

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