How Much Does it Cost to Clean Gutters?

Clogged gutter

While October, November, and December certainly aren’t Tampa’s wettest season, we can still expect six to seven inches of rainfall over the coming months. In addition, summer’s heavy rains and our recent run-in with Hurricane Matthew mean unprotected gutters are probably overflowing with debris – at least, they are if you didn’t follow our advice back in August when we told you to take care of your fall gutter cleaning. At this point, it’s wise to simply hire someone like us, your friendly neighborhood gutter guys, to come and take care of the..

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It’s Official: the Zika Virus is Here

It’s official: the Zika Virus has come to Tampa. There are currently 636 cases statewide; cases which started right here in the Tampa metro area. It’s gotten so bad that Florida theme parks are handing out free mosquito repellent. Officials are now patrolling area neighborhoods in search of standing water. And of course, you know from past posts right here on our blog that dirty gutters are a big culprit when it comes to the creation of standing water. We get those torrential rainstorms, and the resulting water gets..

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Your Rain Gutters Could Help Fight Zika Virus

zika virus

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Zika virus could be making its way to Florida (specifically, to our local area) soon. Here’s what the report had to say: It is very important to note that there have been no locally acquired infections reported in the United States, with the exception of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. But because the Aedes aegypti mosquito lives in Florida, and with the large amount of travel to and from Zika endemic areas, there is a real risk for a possible outbreak of locally acquired infections. –

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