How to Devalue Your Home by $35,000

devalued home

It takes a lot of time and effort to add value to a home. But it takes no time and no effort to destroy the value of your biggest investment. After all, it’s always easier to destroy something’s value than to build something’s value. And if you want to reduce the value of your home by $35,000 or more, it’s dead easy. Just don’t clean, repair, or replace your gutters for awhile. In a year or so, your home will start to experience several very costly problems. You’ll either have to repair it yourself…or hope..

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Automate Your Garden With this Nifty Water Saving Gadget


Home automation is a really big trend right now. There are devices that let you mess with your home heating system or alarm system from your smart phone across town, for example. Now this trend is exploding into gardens and landscapes as well, thanks to this nifty water saving gadget called the Droplet Sprinkler. It’s a pre-release item that automates your ability to water your plants. And while we don’t think you should use a robot to clean your gutters, the little garden robot..

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Fun Gutter Facts: Gutters on Cars


Did you know that cars used to have rain gutters too? I hadn’t really thought about it until I read this piece by Tim Blagg. It’s a humor piece, but it still got me thinking! Of course, anyone who has lived here in Florida understands how great gutters on cars could be. Each of us has probably had the experience, at least once, of having a cascade of water come in just by opening the doors out into bad weather. Given most modern cars have a slew of electronics right on the car..

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