What You Should Know About Gutter Seams


As you know from previous posts, seamless aluminum gutters are only seamless across each uninterrupted length or section of a house. There is no getting around putting some seams into place, namely at the corners where two sections of gutter join up. Since the goal of installing seamless aluminum gutters is to reduce or eliminate leaks, it is vital to work with a gutter company who approaches these few remaining seams with the utmost craftsmanship. Just as there are different kinds of gutters there are different sorts of seams, and only one type of..

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Could Wildfires Threaten Florida?

Wild Fires

According to the Tampa Bay Times, 2017 could bring a new hazard to Florida: wildfires. The Florida Forest Service notes an unusually dry winter season that could set us up for a drought. These conditions cover nearly our entire service area, stretching into Pinellas County, Pasco County, Hillsborough County and Hernando County. “We had a good summer with lots of rain,” said David Zierden, a Florida State University professor who serves as the state’s official climatologist. But the last major rainfall to hit Florida arrived with Hurricane Matthew in early October, he said.

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Tips for Helping Your Holiday Lights Get Along With Your Gutters

Christmas lights

With the holidays rapidly approaching you may be gearing up to create an amazing display on your roof and gutters. While it’s perfectly safe to do so, there are still a few “best practices” you should use to make sure you do so safely. Always use clips. Clips allow you to hang your lights safely without nails, which are unsightly, and which will definitely damage your gutters. You can get all-in-one clips to hang your lights in multiple directions–up or out. These clips will also work on shingles, which opens you up to a host..

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