Four Ways to Reduce Storm Runoff

Hail, fall leaves and debris block up sewer hole restricting runoff flow.

Hail, fall leaves and debris block up sewer hole restricting runoff flow.Although we’re about to hit the dry season, there’s still one month of wet, rainy weather left to go, and it’s never too late to plan for next year. If you haven’t considered it before, then now’s a great time to look at what you can do to help reduce water pollution. Florida has a wonderful, diverse, unique geology and climate that sustains an abundance of wildlife and tropical plants. The downside is that it’s also highly susceptible to pollution, and even small traces..

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Will a “Grey Hurricane” Strike Tampa in the Near Future?

Grey Hurricane

Here on the Rain Control Aluminum blog we’ve talked about hurricanes a great deal. So when The Weather Channel mentioned the possibility that a so-called “grey” hurricane could strike in the future the article immediately piqued our interest. What is a “Grey” Hurricane? It’s a funny term for a kind of super hurricane. It’s called a “grey” hurricane as a reference to the “grey swan” theory–the idea that the world can hold extreme outliers which deliver a massive impact. In other words, sooner or later there’s going to be a storm which is..

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Four Natural Herbs Which Repel Mosquitos


Summer is the season for mosquitoes, and here in Florida, they can get to be a real nuisance. Warm weather with a lot of rain is guaranteed to get their populations exploding. Not only are they bothersome, but they can be carriers for disease. Ever heard of malaria? They’re carriers for the protozoans that cause it, and to this day, they remain a public health concern for the Florida Department of Health. Admittedly, advances in health care and medicine have greatly reduced the number of fatalities due to malaria, but prevention is still the best..

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